Sunday, February 7, 2010

Guys!!! Please, find me my Valentine!

The good news is that Valentine day is near. The bad news??? I've no honey pie to on my side to be my Valentine!!! (Know what: already dusted my phonebook with no success :-()

Love's in air again. Love birds flying all over. BUT... That old dumb crow(please read Pankaj:-@) is still alone, no females around, dah!;-(

My buddies are surging around, planning there dream day(or night;-)), there gifts, there venues to meet. Everyone seems like running for there life!

Here are some pre-mating(meeting):-D comments they make:

"This Card is looovely, but the teddy which comes with it, is smaller than a thumb. Ain't got money for bigger, shit!

"That restaurant has good coffee, but that other one has secluded cabins, mmmm!"

"Goodness, I dun've nothin new to wear, I'm gonna look like that same old chicken, ooh!"

"She doesn't want me to wear this horseshit perfume... Ok I'll bath twice :-P goody goody!"

**You know what? I'm really jealous and going to scream, Argh!**

I'm thinking about it, just when my inner voice pops up: "Don't be a loser Pank, you've got lots of time on you. Why dun find a... Umm... Beautiful... Umm gorgeous chick for you?"

"I've already shaken every bush, with no success. Know something? That's why the government is desperate about maintaining woman-per-man ratio." I sigh.

"Hmmm," my inner voice frowns. "Why dun you call someone nicey?"

"You know what? My phonebook has 1000 contacts, only 20 girls in it. Talk about that ratio thing."

"Maybe one of them. What do you say?"

"No way! Among these 20; 15 are my sisters- either by birth or accident :-D. And the other 5 are... Yuk. What do you mean, huh?" I frown back.

"What about Social Networks? Anyone sexy, what say, Pank?"

"Oh yeah, you want me to buy ticket to California? What an idea. Why dun you take your time to be realistic and shut up, while I think of something."

"Ok then, use your Einstein brain to solve this 'Theory of girly relativity' yourself."

Now, inner voice gone to ponder, leaving me alone to plan for victory :-D. It's just five minutes and devil roars again.

"What about locales?"

"Hmmm... Humour me."

"What about the girl next door, who smiles every time you're on terrace?"

"Do you believe she is a girl, at all?"

"She is not?!"

"Of course she is! But what I'm searching is Umm... Night black hair, eyes as deep as a lake, rose like lips, sandal-wood skin..."

"You are talking about Katrina Kaif!!! Not you?"

"Ah... Ok, ok tell me whom do you prefer?"


"She has a bad breath. Yuk."


"She talks off my head. A real fm station."


"Don't you think she'll look nice with less lipstic?"


"Wo-ho! I dun want everyone laugh at me. Dun joke, please."


"Must be pre-booked :-D."


"Dah, that buffalo?God!"

"Ok then, I've a last suggestion." Inner voice lowers the volume, like telling a secret thing.

"Shoot it."

"You must somehow find Katrina's number, and if you couldn't, take no less then Kareena Kapoor's he he."

"SHUT UP:-@."

Guys, look at my condition. No one is messed up like this. Please help finding me my Valentine. I'm really gonna cry, Mummy...

**Moral of the Story: Always keep backups, you fools! Ha ha.**

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