Monday, January 25, 2010

Embarrassed?? Well here are some tips...

Yesterday was solid bitter for Congress Party. The advertisement sarcasm blown on full. Opponent parties are leaving no chance to earn some more votes by calling the event exasperating and embarrassing.

News channels also pouring petrol in the fire by speaking the word, 'embarrassment' 2 times in a sentence, well well it has a impact on the masses. Every viewer is embarrassed now because news reader thinks so. Poor viewers!:-(

Man! Give me a brake! It seems like biggest 'karo ya maro' incident of the week, other then india's stinking sewers and abyss-deep potholes on roads.

Well here are my tips to escape from such a BIG EMBARRASSMENT...

1. For opponent parties: Guys improve your G. K. Congress already has her biggest embarrassment as Shashi Tharur so try to salt that already open wound. And have patience! Wound will take time to stink, for much better effect have some Yamuna water handy( to wash the wound:-D)

2. For normal people like me: Are ya really embarrassed? Wow you're the real patriots to India! Fools!

What if the advertisement has photo of Pakistan's former Air Force head?

At least he's handsome more than our leaders!B-) And image quality is more crisp than our leaders blurry images while taking bribes. :-DAnd please congress is not after this scam. It's the eternal leg- pulling mentality of Indians. Come on it was a little mistake of graphics designer. Who i think is already lost job and girlfriend both.

So just think, to whom it is more embarrassing? The graphics designer or you?%-)

So I ask you all to mind your own business. Spread the love. Smile like an ass to everyone you meet. And just don't give a fuck!

Man! Life was never that beautiful, wow!;-)

Happy Republic Day!

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Angel said...

Oh boy why don't try to write about something romantic? What say ha ha :-D